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About AL-WEFAK Pharmacies

Al-Wefaq pharmacies group is one of the companies of Alqefary medical group, it was established in 1986 in the Riyadh area to be one of the leading groups in providing pharmaceutical services, especially in the field of skin care.

Our vision: to provide the best service and support to our customers in pharmaceutical, health advice, especially in the field of skin care for our customers always feel they are safe with us

Our mission: Satisfy all our customers' needs, not just health but a mental and psychological-, by highly experienced and qualified pharmacists and staff to answer the queries of our customers to provide good health education.
To be partners in promoting pharmaceutical services in the Kingdom. Work on a strategy of expansion to cover the largest possible number of key areas for enhancing our competitiveness to become partners in improving pharmaceutical services for the pharmaceutical sector in the Kingdom.

Our goals: Al-WEFAK pharmacies group with Seif pharmacies group are seeking to expansion within Riyadh to provide a model for pharmaceutical advice brought to our customers by our highly experienced highly qualified pharmacists.