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About Sana East

Our Company was founded at the beginning of 2006 in arriadh-Saudi Arabia. Key objective:
Strong widespread in the Saudi& middle east markets , by finding the most requested needs of these markets. We described by trust, wide relations in & out the KSA , Competitive price and Good quality


Our main objective:
To get to the top soon and continue to build upon, We planned our future in all parts of the Kingdom & the middle east, mainly to increase the number of our representatives, qualify them as much as possible.

Our policy
Continuous growth and development reveals the actual needs of our customers, motivates us to find new and distinctive brands.

Our mission:
Achieve leadership at the regional level in the field of medicine and health care and health, beauty and well-being in order to meet the needs of current society, building capacity to serve future needs for coming generations.

Our values:
Our company depend on the ethics and professionalism and creativity of its employees to achieve its vision, based on the quality of our products and win confidence of our customers and partners alike.

Our Group offers a variety of added values to our partners all over the world from a profound understanding of the local market and strategic management and modern facilities, and Moreover, the networking group to work multiple areas within the corporate world, thereby ensuring the continuity of development and growth.