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Child Care

The newly born baby needs special care to grow normally and properly. The expert mothers, usually a reference and basis for the first time mothers. Here, we will introduce a motherhood some medical information from a number of medical books in English on child health.

How to make sure your child is eating enough and full?

There are several ways to make sure that your child has finished Breast feeding completely of these ways:
1. when the mother and child is fully satisfied after feeding, but if the mother still feel the pain of sore or heavy breast, pain index of continuity.
2. If the mother follow right in order to breastfeed the child every two hours about 12 feeds a day, do not let the baby to sleep for long without feeding.
3. If the child is growing normally. 4. Monitor the number of times the defecation, usually newborn 2-3 times a day.

Is it true that some mothers do not have their own breasts milk enough for feeding their children?

It is very rare that there is no breast milk is enough for feeding the child, but in some cases it may be the amount of milk is insufficient to satisfy the children for various reasons
1. Short period of lactation and the limited number of feedings.
2. The situation of the child during breastfeeding 3. The way the child sucks the nipple during breastfeeding 4. Exposure to severe bleeding during delivery

Children Differ in their total lactation per day. Most kids are getting their wish to breastfeed in the first weeks of lactation, this helps prevent sore breasts and help increase the amount of milk in the breast.
Because the child may sleep in the first weeks, the mother must wake every two hours for breastfeeding, so better to the child is to give 12 feeds a day or more in the first six weeks of life.

It is better during breast feeding to make the child to leave one breast, so relaxed, and then be transferred to the other breast.
In General, the period spent in feeding on each breast is from 30 to 40 minutes. Remember that breast milk is digested in less than two hours, so the child needs feeding every two hours, this helps to generate more milk and prevent his congestion. Some may say that their milk was not coming out of the breast up to the sixth or seventh day of the birth, this is usually due to the transformation of milk from Colostrum, which is a yellow liquid that comes out of the breasts in the early days of the birth till the formation of white milk in the sixth or seventh day of birth, Colostrum is a complete food for children, although the quantity be very few "fill only tea spoon", but this is enough for the child.

Care of newborn skin A newborn's skin is thin, poor Melanin which is a substance that protects the skin from sunlight, and is less resistant to bacteria and other environmental factors, and have baby skin less sweating.

In the first week, some skin problems may appear, such as:
1. Heat rash appears on the skin as small granules of Red pink, due to an increase in heat and humidity, and is treated by reducing room temperature and moisture, ventilation, It also preferable to reduce baby clothing
2. Neonatal acne: pink dots appear on the face, because certain hormones that remain in newborn shortly after birth, usually disappear after the first two weeks of the birth.
3. neonatal Hat: a greasy layer on the head as a result of the active secretion of the sebaceous glands of the child scalp, clean it by wiping using baby oil and leave it for several minutes and then wash with baby shampoo and use a soft brush for cleaning.
4. Newborn rash: rash which may appear in areas where baby's limbs stacked together like armpit and neck, especially if the baby is fat, get rid of it by using baby powder.
5. Eczema and Dermatitis: go to a specialist

My baby cry I don't know why???
The crying of the child is the only way to express the need of the child and his complaint, Usually has an impact on parents who are trying to react quickly to find out the cause of this crying. Some general reasons for crying baby: Sometimes there is no other reason than the desire of the child to draw attention, but there are other reasons, such as: 1. Hunger: the first reason for the child crying and ends only when given milk.
2. The crying baby after breastfeeding is usually due to abdominal cramps. 3. A child may be crying because of the dirty diapers. 4. High heat or extreme cold is one of the reasons the crying child. 5. When the child is tired and wants to sleep. 6. A health problem such as abdominal pain, "colic" where in this case prefer to consult a doctor.

Fungal mouth when a newborn:
If the mother complained of a burning sensation and pain and itchy nipple during and after breastfeeding, if there is a white layer on the child is difficult to remove, diagnose the problem be caused by fungi on the mouth of the child.
Although these fungal infections are not serious but they sustain if not treated.
The treatment must be for the mother and child for a period of two weeks, even if the symptoms disappeared immediately after use.
The treatment by a physician and which usually Nystatin cream or Daktarin. Apply the cream to the child's tongue. Apply the cream to the breast in the following way: after you finish breastfeeding baby wash breasts with water, and then put the cream, and when next feed time wash breasts with water.
The mother must take care to clean her hands and clothes and baby bedding. If the mother is using a milk pump, it must be disinfected every day by placing it in boiling water.