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Dry Skin Tips

Tips for dry skin:
• Dry skin is a common all over the year, but it is more common and more severe in winter.
• Here are some recommendations to help overcome dryness and itching:
• Avoid showering and washing hands with very hot water, it is preferable to use lukewarm water. Also, experts advise not to shower for more than 5-10 minutes.
• Avoid SOAP that contains alcohol or aromatherapy, but use creamy moisturizing lotions for bathing and hand washing. Moisturizers which contain CERAMIDE are the most preferable. CERAMIDES are synthetic, they help skin to retain moisture. CERAMIDES are already a natural component of the human skin, they gradually degraded with age.
• After the shower, gently dry your body using a soft towel and avoid rubbing.
• Use a moisturizing cream after drying your body directly.
• Use a skin moisturizers that contains petroleum jelly or glycerin. They help renew the skin barrier layer, which prevents the loss of moisture.
• Use a moisturizing cream to your hands then wear gloves before going out in cold, especially if your skin is very dry.
• Before bedtime, use a thick moisturizing cream to your feet and wear cotton socks.
• Sun is a cause of skin dryness and stiffness, even in winter. So, it is advisable to use a sunblock cream with factor 30, all over the year.
• Omega-3 pills helps soften the skin severe roughness in a short time. According to Dr. Andrew Weil, an expert on the skin health, that after using these pills for six weeks founded clear improvement on skin, hair and nails of users.