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Nigella + Royal Jelly + Garlic

Black Seed, Royal Jelly and Garlic.

• Prevent diseases and increases body immunity
• Black seed, Royal Jelly has anti cancer effect.
• Feed the hormone system and endocrine .
• Prevent protect from arteries and heart diseases (by increasing myocardial hydration, decrease hypertension and prevent lipoid sedimentation).
• Has positive effect to diabetics by increasing insulin and decrease glucose precipitation in food.
• In cases of tiredness a fatigue and psychological problems repeatedly.

• One morning daily capsule

Information about the product:
The Black seed was mentioned in Sunna hence the prophet describe it by saying” take this Black seed, it cure every disease
• Black cumin ingredients: phosphate, iron, phosphor, carbohydrate, and anti caner crutine.
• The Black seed activates defense cells which fight viruses and microbe “germs”.