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Pregnancy Tips

It is not surprising that women feel back pain during pregnancy, back pain for pregnant women deserve care and attention. So here we discuss some methods to relieve and cure back pain for pregnant women during pregnancy, health of postural recommendations while sitting or sleeping, exercise and home remedies.

Lots of pregnant women are complaining of back pain. They are often not considered an indication of anything abnormal. Since gaining excess weight, change in the way of walking, and the hormones to ease the muscles and ligaments throughout the body, it can lead to back pain. But you are not obliged to carry this pain with a smile. In many cases, you can treat or prevent back pain during pregnancy by following some tips and simple healthy habits that help cure back pain of the rack.

1. Postural health
While growing fetus inside the uterus, the body's Center of gravity will move forward. And to avoid bending or falling forward, you might need to offset the gravity by leaning back, and this tendency can lead to strain on lower back muscles and contribute to the sense of back pain during pregnancy. Therefore do the principles of health status:
• Stand upright and lean stature.
• Maintain chest raised to the top.
• Keep the shoulders relaxed back.
• Maintaining a moderate distance between legs (not closed completely).
When you are standing, use the most enough area around you comfortable in use to get the best possible support. If you must stand for long periods of time, rest one foot on a low wooden platform. You have to taking frequent breaks from the stand.
Healthy posture also means taking the necessary precautions while sitting. So select a suitable chair to support your back. You can use a small pillow behind your lower back while sitting. Keep straightening up your back and neck.

2. Choose the right clothes
Do wear shoes with a low heel which support foot well. Choose panties with corset low and supportive, you may choose to wear a pregnant corset. Despite the lack of studies on the effectiveness of pregnant corset, but some women have found them providing additional support during pregnancy.

3. Lifting heavy things correctly.
When lifting things on the ground, sit on your knee (squat) and gown what want to raise then lift it using only the muscles (as shown in the image below). Do not bend in any direction from the loin and don't lift things depending on the back muscles. It is also important to know what your limits are and if there are special precautions. Ask for the doctor's help if you need it.

4. Sleep on side
Sleep on one side, not on the back. Keep one or both knees bent while you sleep. You can use a pillow between the knees and the other under the belly, or use long one along the body.